Encinitas Public Records Lawsuit

En­cin­itas res­id­ent Kev­in Cum­mins filed a law­suit de­mand­ing that the city turn over pub­lic re­cords. A court found in Cum­mins' fa­vor and ordered the city to re­lease the doc­u­ments. The city has filed a no­tice of ap­peal.

The city ori­gin­ally ar­gued that they did not have to re­lease doc­u­ments be­cause they were “draft doc­u­ments.”

But Cum­mins said he knew that if he didn't go to court, he would nev­er get the doc­u­ments. “It was very clear they wer­en’t go­ing to re­lease it,” Cum­mins said. “They were just go­ing to sit on it. There's oth­er doc­u­ments they're sit­ting on as we speak.”

“What hap­pens in our city, hap­pens in oth­er cit­ies – but we got them,” Cum­mins said of the court vic­tory. “It’s a good ex­ample that the courts will see that this is prob­lem­at­ic. It’s a vic­tory for people. ”

Read a sum­mary of Cum­mins' fight — and why he wanted the doc­u­ments re­lated to street main­ten­ance at his blog.

Published: June 20, 2011
Sources: Encinitas resident Kevin Cummins
Credits: Kevin Cummins, Anthony Pesce, Kimi Yoshino
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