Decision: U.S. Supreme Court on Prop. 8

    Today the U.S. Su­preme Court cleared the way for same-sex mar­riages to re­sume in Cali­for­nia as the justices, in a pro­ced­ur­al rul­ing, turned away the de­fend­ers of
    Pro­pos­i­tion 8.

    Chief Justice John Roberts, speak­ing for the 5-4 ma­jor­ity, said the private spon­sors of Prop. 8 did not have leg­al stand­ing to ap­peal after the bal­lot meas­ure was struck down by a fed­er­al judge in San Fran­cisco.

    As the day pro­ceeds, Douglas Ne­Jaime (DN) of Loy­ola Law School, left, will break down the opin­ions. To jump dir­ectly to his com­ments, use the links be­low right, or open the “notes” tab.

    FULL COVERAGE: Battle over gay mar­riage

    Published: June 26, 2013
    Sources: United States Supreme Court
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