Grand jury indicts Jared Lee Loughner

A fed­er­al grand jury in­dicted Jared Lee Lough­ner on Wed­nes­day on charges of at­tempt­ing to as­sas­sin­ate Rep. Gab­ri­elle Gif­fords (D-Ar­iz.) and two of her staffers in a Tuc­son shoot­ing ram­page that killed six and wounded 13.

The in­dict­ments are the first of many ex­pec­ted against Lough­ner, 22, who could face the death pen­alty if con­victed of a fed­er­al judge’s killing in the Jan. 8 ram­page.

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Published: Jan. 19, 2011
Sources: U.S. District Court of Arizona
Credits: Megan Garvey, Nicholas Riccardi, Ben Welsh
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