NFL: Report on workplace conduct at the Miami Dolphins

The in­vest­ig­at­or look­ing in­to the ab­rupt de­par­ture of Miami Dol­phins tackle Jonath­an Mar­tin re­leased his months-long re­port Fri­day, con­clud­ing that three starters on the of­fens­ive line “en­gaged in a pat­tern of har­ass­ment” dir­ec­ted not only at Mar­tin but oth­er play­ers and an as­sist­ant train­er.

The 144-page re­port, pre­pared by in­de­pend­ent in­vest­ig­at­or Ted Wells, iden­ti­fies line­men Rich­ie In­cog­nito, John Jerry and Mike Poun­cey as the in­stig­at­ors in the lock­er room.

Sources: NFL