A people of mystery: the Lemurians of Mt. Shasta

In a 1932 Los Angeles Times Magazine art­icle, Ed­ward Lanser wrote of see­ing Mt. Shasta “ablaze with a strange red­dish-green light” from the win­dow of his Ore­gon-bound train. “Lemuri­ans,” a fel­low pas­sen­ger con­fided.

Re­turn­ing to ex­plore the le­gend fur­ther, Lanser was told that tall men from a sunken civil­iz­a­tion were known to pat­ron­ize loc­al stores, buy­ing “enorm­ous quant­it­ies of sul­fur as well as a great deal of salt.”

In a stroke of for­tune for the Mount Shasta eco­nomy, the items were “al­ways paid for with gold nug­gets, and the gold al­ways far ex­ceeds the value of the mer­chand­ise.”

Published: Jan. 20, 2012
Sources: Los Angeles Times

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