ACLU photographers lawsuit

The ACLU of South­ern Cali­for­nia sued the Los Angeles County Sher­iff’s De­part­ment and sev­er­al of its depu­ties Thursday al­leging they har­assed, de­tained and im­prop­erly searched pho­to­graph­ers tak­ing pic­tures leg­ally in pub­lic places.

The fed­er­al law­suit al­leges the sher­iff’s de­part­ment and depu­ties “have re­peatedly” sub­jec­ted pho­to­graph­ers “to de­ten­tion, search and in­ter­rog­a­tion simply be­cause they took pic­tures” from pub­lic streets of places such as MTA turn­stiles, oil re­finer­ies or near a Long Beach court house.

Published: Oct. 27, 2011
Credits: Richard Winton, Ben Welsh

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