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Howard Ash­man and Alan Men­ken were the dy­nam­ic duo be­hind the hit songs fea­tured in a string of Dis­ney an­im­ated mu­sic­als, in­clud­ing 1989’s “The Little Mer­maid,” 1991’s “Beauty and the Beast” and 1992’s “Alad­din.” After Ash­man passed away in 1991, Men­ken con­tin­ued to pen songs for the stu­dio, and has most re­cently re­worked their ori­gin­al com­pos­i­tions for Dis­ney’s new live-ac­tion ver­sion of “Beauty and the Beast.”

Movie Re­view: Dis­ney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ By Ken­neth Tur­an, Times Staff Writer. Nov. 15, 1991

Long Beach po­lice have an­nounced a $50,000 re­ward in the 1975 killing of Franke Neal Lewis, a Long Beach po­lice of­ficer who was shot and killed near his home while off duty. Here’s a look at Times cov­er­age at the time of the shoot­ing.

On the 68th an­niversary of the first, and only, flight of Howard Hughes’ Spruce Goose, we look back at the 1947 front page cov­er­age of the event.

Movie Re­view: An Un­der­powered Trip ‘Back to the Fu­ture’

The Times pub­lished a wire re­port on the Dec. 10, 1967, plane crash that killed Ot­is Red­ding and six oth­er people on Page 24.

Mar­riage Se­quel to Com­mence­ment. Pas­adena Gradu­ate Now Wife. Miss Vir­gin­ia Limach­er Weds Louis G. Ben­zinger in Sur­prise Ce­re­mony

In­form­a­tion de­signed to help make your vis­it more en­joy­able.

$17,500,000 World of Fantasy Ded­ic­ated to Chil­dren and Hope

Stu­pendous. Sil­ver Lake Nearly Ready. Wa­ter Soon Will Flow In­to Biggest Reser­voir. Three-fourths of a Bil­lion Gal­lons Its Lim­it. Nat­ur­al Beauty Spot Bound to Be­come Pop­u­lar.

A 1915 art­icle on the sink­ing of the Lus­it­ania — and the Angel­enos on board, in­clud­ing prom­in­ent de­veloper A.C. Bilicke — fol­lows a re­port from 1955 on a man who re­ceived a post­card from Bilicke 40 years earli­er.

Muslims Aim For Negro Na­tion, Lead­er States. Broth­er­hood Wants Area in U.S. Where Mem­bers Can Do Things for Them­selves.

Mal­colm X Gunned Down. Slain From Am­bush at New York Rally; Sus­pects Ar­res­ted

Jig­saw John: Murder Is a Per­son­al Af­front. Hom­icide Cop Solves Slay­ings in Life Where Death Is Per­man­ent

Los Angeles Times front page, April 29, 1986.

The Times’ front page the day after the at­tack on Pearl Har­bor.

On Duty. Po­lice­man Dies of Ac­ci­dent In­jur­ies. Mo­tor­cycle Of­ficer Col­lides With Po­lice Auto.

Phil­har­mon­ic Opens Its 37th Sea­son: Five Months of Great Mu­sic in Store for South­land Audi­ences. First Night’s Se­lec­tions Well Chosen: And Phil­har­mon­ic Mu­si­cians Show Mid­season Form

Sept. 16, 1953: Jungle Home Cre­ated for Pet Chim­pan­zee. Nov. 23, 1953: Chimp at Home in Jungle on Ana­heim Ranch.

Los Angeles Times ra­dio list­ings from Oct. 3, 1941.

Movie Re­view | Kubrick’s ‘Shin­ing’: A Freu­di­an’s Pic­nic. By Kev­in Thomas, Times Staff Writer. May 23, 1980.

Saber­ha­gen’s 11-0 Win Caps Re­mark­able Sea­son for K.C.’s Comeback Kids

Fath­er of the Game Tells Ed­ward Mar­shall That It Is One of the Na­tion’s Im­port­ant As­sets — Should Be a Dia­mond for Every Pub­lic School — Re­mark­able Ana­lys­is of the Na­tion­al Sport From the Man in the World Best Qual­i­fied to Make It.

Jan. 11, 1983: Randy New­man’s Neigh­bor­hood Watch, by Robert Hil­burn

Pur­it­an Pool Edict Is­sued Here With Coun­cil’s Con­niv­ance

Spank­ing New Sta­di­um Should En­rich the Gi­ant Ex­per­i­ence, but Neigh­bor­ing A’s May Give Fans More Bang for the Buck

A bill to make “The Star-Spangled Ban­ner” the United States’ na­tion­al an­them is passed and sent to the pres­id­ent in March 1931.

Sept. 24, 1948: Pave­ment and Earth Torn Up as Free­way Hits Ver­mont Ave. || March 31, 1963: Street­cars Go for Last Ride

Dis­ney Fantasy Film — Amazement and De­light, Even for Grownups, Squares (By Philip K. Sch­euer)

Los Angeles Amer­ic­an Le­gion Cares for Ex-Ser­vice Men.

1978 re­view of the ‘Mork and Mindy’ premiere, by Times staff writer Lee Mar­gulies

Aug. 8, 1964: Con­gress Backs Firm Viet Stand

Two Brides-to-be Set Ju­ly 15 Date: Peggy Hay and Car­ol Le­onard

Aug. 14, 1964: Front page, fi­nal

A Times photo spread fea­tur­ing golf­ing, fish­ing and sail­ing.

Ruth Swats Two Homers. Biffs Old Pill and Wins Own Game in Box Against Ana­heim Elks — John­son Honored

It’s Jerry Sein­feld’s Show — and It’s a Win­ner

In­de­pend­ence Day read­ings, in­clud­ing two by Fre­d­er­ick Dou­glass, pub­lished in The Times in 1894 and 1971.

Los Angeles Times Fi­nal edi­tion, Ju­ly 3, 1964: Civil Rights Bill Be­comes Law. John­son Signs Civil Rights Bill In­to Law in Ce­re­mony at White House. || Lonely Rights Vote Cast by South­ern­er

June 29, 1914: The Heir to Aus­tri­an Throne As­sas­sin­ated. Arch­duke and Wife Shot After Es­cap­ing Bomb. An­arch­ist in Bos­ni­an Cap­it­al Adds to List of Tra­gedies of Haps­burgs.

Times cov­er­age of the John­stown flood in 1889.

Front pages and pho­tos from the Los Angeles Times’ 1944 cov­er­age of D-day.

Old Man­sion in Sub­di­vi­sion: Sil­ver Lake Home Be­ing Re­stored. By Ruth Ry­on, Times Staff Writer. Nov. 22, 1981

Sil­ver Lake Res­id­ents Seek Halt to 40-Unit Condo Plan. By Jan Klun­der, Times Staff Writer. Oct. 5, 1980

UCLA be­comes just the second col­lege team to fin­ish a bas­ket­ball sea­son un­defeated. The 1964 Bru­ins won the NCAA cham­pi­on­ship with a re­cord of 30-0.

Los Angeles Times cov­er­age of drag ra­cing in March 1955

Times cov­er­age of the 1901 theft from the U.S. Mint in San Fran­cisco and the 1903 con­vic­tion of a Mint clerk.

Oscar Night Streak­er Shot to Death in S.F. Sex Shop

Rain Comes Down at Rate of an Inch an Hour in Los Angeles

Gor­don Phil­lips, ‘Voice of Times,’ Killed in Ac­ci­dent

The Times’ cov­er­age of Bea­tle­mania in Feb­ru­ary 1964.

Times cov­er­age of Bea­tle­mania from Feb. 8, 9 and 10, 1964.

Re­view of “Dr. Stran­gelove.” Head­line: Stran­gelove Drops Con­tro­ver­sial Bomb. Kubrick’s ‘Satire’ Tells All About End of World, Ha Ha

Mi­chael­mania: To Jack­son Look-Alikes, Im­it­a­tion Is Form of Flat­tery—and a Job

Cali­for­nia Club an­nounces plans for its home on Flower Street next to the Cent­ral Lib­rary, April 1927

Jonath­an Club elects of­ficers un­der new, non­polit­ic­al charter, Novem­ber 1895

Los Angeles Ath­let­ic Club opens new pool, Oc­to­ber 1911

Aug. 15, 1953: 6 South­land POW’s Lis­ted Among Dead

Dec. 25, 1914: Blight of War Over Eng­land

Dec. 25, 1916: Big Snow­fall on Mt. Wilson

Dec. 26, 1914: Fifty Kid­dies Shout for Joy

Floods Vis­it Justice Hall: Wa­ter from Clogged Drain Pours Onto Four Floors; Ses­sion of Court Dis­rup­ted as Gil­ded Roof Leaks; Pris­on­ers Have to be Taken from Sev­er­al Cells

The Dec. 6, 1933, re­port­ing on the re­peal of Pro­hib­i­tion.

Nov. 21, 1960: Swim­ming Tur­key Fails to Reach Thanks­giv­ing. It Wasn’t Pool or Hot Dogs That Proved Fatal for Famed Fowl — It Was Tri­cycle Ride.

Los Angeles Times cov­er­age of the shoot­ing death of Lee Har­vey Os­wald and the as­sas­sin­a­tion of Pres­id­ent John F. Kennedy.

Los Angeles Times cov­er­age of the as­sas­sin­a­tion of Pres­id­ent John F. Kennedy.

A toy store ad­vert­ise­ment from Dec. 7, 1924.

A look at the front pages of vari­ous edi­tions of the Nov. 22, 1963, Los Angeles Times.

Feb. 6, 1974: Mary Bacon: Four Lives Still to Go…

Mary Ba­con: Four Lives Still to Go… Jockey, a former Play­boy nude center­fold, has been shot at, kid­napped, trampled, but keeps boun­cing back.

‘The Klan Thing’: Mary Ba­con’s KKK Con­nec­tion Is Only the Latest Con­tro­versy in a Series.

Aug. 28, 1925: Ap­par­i­tions Held Cause for Young’s Sui­cide

Sept. 16, 1976: Blast Rips Apart Spillgate on Owens Val­ley Aque­duct

Sept. 19, 1988: Part two of The Times’ pro­file of the fam­ily be­hind Co­ors Brew­ing.

Sept. 25, 1966: Spas Flow­ing With Milk and Honey, Di­ets, Money

Sept. 18, 1988: “Co­ors Clan: Do­ing It Their Way” by Bella Stumbo

Ag­new Resigns, Ad­mits Tax Eva­sion: Pro­sec­utors Dis­close Their Case Against Vice Pres­id­ent

Robert Hil­burn’s fam­ous re­view of an Elton John per­form­ance at the Troubadour in 1970. John still cred­its the re­view with help­ing his ca­reer.

Times mu­sic crit­ic Robert Hil­burn ad­vises read­ers that “Good­bye Yel­low Brick Road” by Elton John is worth buy­ing.

Text of Sum­mary in War­ren Re­port on Kennedy’s As­sas­sin­a­tion

War­ren Com­mis­sion Finds: No Con­spir­acy in Kennedy Slay­ing / Os­wald Ac­ted Alone in Per­pet­ra­tion of His­tor­ic Dal­las Crime ::: As­sas­sin­a­tion Termed Act of Man ‘Ali­en­ated’ From the Real World

An il­lus­trated his­tory of the found­ing of Los Angeles, writ­ten by John Steve Mc­Groarty and pub­lished in The Times Il­lus­trated Magazine on Sept. 5, 1920.

The Los Angeles Times’ cov­er­age of the March on Wash­ing­ton in Au­gust 1963.

The ex­ist­ence of Pres­id­ent Richard Nix­on’s re­cord­ings is made pub­lic.

Times mu­sic crit­ic Robert Hil­burn was an early cham­pi­on of N.W.A, al­though he later wrote that his first ex­per­i­ence in­ter­view­ing the Compton rap group “wasn’t easy.” In 1989, he and oth­er Times mu­sic writers took a look at the role of rap in the in­dustry.

Ju­ly 9, 1971: Death of Doors front­man Jim Mor­ris­on is dis­closed.

Dec. 1, 1958: “Jupiter, Sat­urn Mark Likely Lim­it of Era’s Space­ships”

‘Jaws’ In­cid­ent Spurs Study of Shark At­tacks, By Ken Lu­b­as

‘Jaws’ Movie Tests Beach­go­ers’ Nerves, By Patt Mor­ris­on

We draw your at­ten­tion to the art­icle head­lined “‘Acre’ store in read­i­ness.” It’s an­noun­cing the open­ing of the Ham­burger de­part­ment store at 8th Street and Broad­way in down­town L.A. in 1908. The build­ing later be­came a May Co. Now it’s a flea mar­ket on the ground level and gar­ment man­u­fac­tur­ing on high­er floors. And it’s for sale.

Oct. 9, 1983: Of all the writers, Ray­mond Chand­ler had the book on Los Angeles. By Jack Smith.

Robert F. Kennedy is mor­tally wounded in Los Angeles

WALK ON MOON: ‘That’s one small step for [a] man … one gi­ant leap for man­kind.’ Arm­strong Beams His Words to Earth After Test­ing Sur­face.

South­ern Cali­for­nia in Sum­mer: an es­say on “the Land We Live in.”

Lib­er­ace, 67, Flam­boy­ant Mu­sic­al Show­man, Dies

‘Los Angeles Has En­joyed 35 May­ors in 100 Years,’ Ju­ly 1949. Since Fletch­er Bowron left of­fice in 1953, there have been six. Eric Gar­cetti will make sev­en.

Today (Fri­day, May 17) is the an­niversary of the Su­preme Court’s de­cision in Brown vs. Board of Edu­ca­tion, which ended school se­greg­a­tion. This is the front page of the Los Angeles Times the day after the de­cision was an­nounced.

The head­line reads: “Spir­itu­al Wives. Their Ca­reer in Utah Is Ended at Last.

Yes­ter­day morn­ing this tele­gram was re­ceived at the Times of­fice: “WASH­ING­TON, D.C., March 2, 1897. “L.E. Mosh­er — Times, Los Angeles: Let the Eagle scream some more and louder, and yet more loud. San Pedro has won. Of­fi­cial re­port is pub­lic. “HAR­RIS­ON GRAY OT­IS” Whereupon the bird that perches upon the Times Build­ing flapped his wings and his voice was heard in the land. The joy­ous shriek of the vic­tori­ous ...

A let­ter on how to pro­nounce “Los Angeles” from Wil­li­am M. Bris­tol in 1900.

Le­gendary L.A. Times colum­nist Jack Smith dives in­to the pro­nun­ci­ation de­bate in 1976.

The Times pub­lishes a poem from Frances Bagby-Blades about how to pro­nounce “Los Angeles.”

“At its 171st birth­day party yes­ter­day,” the story be­gins, “the city fi­nally got its of­fi­cial flower, but it still has no of­fi­cial pro­nun­ci­ation for its name, Los Angeles.”

A dis­patch from 1909 about pu­gil­ist James Jef­fries try­ing to make a comeback after some time out­side the ring. But ap­par­ently the heavy­weight fight­er was too heavy­weight for the Los Angeles Daily Times sportswriters.

A High-Liv­ing Hust­ler’s Last Pay­off Is De­livered in Bul­lets: Times staff writers Jane Ap­pleg­ate and Mark Lands­baum re­port on the de­mise of Or­ange County strip club own­er Jimmy Casino.

A fea­ture from 2003 about Ted “Double Duty” Rad­cliffe, who played with “Satchel” Paige in the Negro Leagues.

Pages A3 and A42 of the Feb. 10, 1991, Los Angeles Times.

On the 165th an­niversary of his birth, here’s a look back at our ob­it for Wyatt Earp . Earp was 81 when he died in his sleep at his home in Los Angeles. Fol­low @latimes­past on Twit­ter for more from our archives.

Dec. 27, 1989: New Private Club Wel­comes Wo­men, Minor­ity Mem­bers

L.A. Steps Out With a Flour­ish in Its Mara­thon (By Ju­lie Cart)

City Is Hop­ing to Put It­self on Mara­thon Map. Or­gan­izers, Of­fi­cials An­nounce Plans for Ma­jor Los Angeles Race on March 9

Grif­fith Park’s Mara­thon: 740 Start, 1 Finnish

Wil­li­am F. Buckley Jr. on Mar­garet Thatch­er

Digby Diehl on Hunter S. Thompson’s then-new book “Fear and Loath­ing in Las Ve­gas.”

White Christ­mas in Moun­tains. White Yu­letide Guar­an­teed for Moun­tain Areas.

Feeds on Gold­fish: Bird Came to Din­ner and Won’t Go Away. By Dave Felton, Times Staff Writer.

The L.A. Times’ front page from Aug. 6, 1962, the day after Mar­ilyn Mon­roe’s death.

This in­form­a­tion was pub­lished in the L.A. Times a few days be­fore Dis­ney­land opened to the pub­lic in 1955.

First ‘Rose Queen’ Says It Was Thrill. No Autos, Cam­er­as or Dreams of Fame at That Time, 1905 Se­lec­tion Re­calls.

A 1945 art­icle on mem­bers of Con­gress’ vis­it to the re­cently lib­er­ated Buch­en­wald con­cen­tra­tion camp.

The L.A. Times’ front page from the day fol­low­ing FDR’s death.

On June 6, 1944, The Times re­por­ted that the Al­lied in­va­sion of North­ern France had be­gun.

Ser­vice Men to Dine in Style: Thirty Thou­sand Will Be Served Thanks­giv­ing Meals in San Diego.

Au­thor John Fante’s piece about down­town L.A.’s Bunker Hill, pub­lished in the L.A. Times on June 30, 1940.

June 1937 Times story on Amelia Ear­hart. She dis­ap­peared the fol­low­ing month.

March 1937 story on Amelia Ear­hart.

Jan. 29, 1934: Liz­ard Peolpe’s Cata­comb City Hunted: En­gin­eer Sinks Shaft Un­der Fort Moore Hill to Find Maze of Tun­nels and Price­less Treas­ures of Le­gendary In­hab­it­ants

On May 16, 1933, The Times re­por­ted that the noted char­ac­ter act­or, Ern­est Tor­rence, had died.

A page (Page 7, to be ex­act) of ad­vert­ise­ments that ran in the Los Angeles Times on Wed­nes­day, Nov. 25, 1925.

Face of Great Act­ress Subtle Even in Death. News­pa­pers Are in Mourn­ing, As Greatest Writers of France Pay Last Re­spects

Grow­ing Nurs­ery Stock for the Parks of a Big City

The Hol­ly­wood Bowl’s open­ing sea­son kicked off on Ju­ly 12, 1922 (though some events had been held there be­fore its of­fi­cial open­ing).

Madge Kennedy, the fam­ous comedi­enne of “Twin Beds” and “Fair and Warm­er,” makes her first ap­pear­ance in mo­tion pic­tures as the star in “Baby Mine,” Mar­garet Mayo’s rol­lick­ing farce com­edy.

Laden Heav­ens Throw Flor­al Beau­ties In­to Bright­er Re­lief. Fairest of Earth Bound to Pas­adena’s Chari­ot Wheels. Fra­grant De­tails of Beau­ti­ful Spec­tacle. All of South­ern Cali­for­nia Shares in the Crown City’s Tri­umph. Sixty Thou­sand Per­sons Cheer the Rolling Spoil of a Thou­sand Gar­dens.

Los Angeles Times front page, Christ­mas Day, 1915: “For un­to you is born this day in the city of Dav­id a Sa­vior, which is Christ the Lord.”

A 1915 L.A. Times art­icle about Mary Pick­ford.

Beech­er Dead. His Life Ended Without a Struggle. Scenes and In­cid­ents About His Res­id­ence in Brook­lyn. Wide­spread Mani­fest­a­tions of Sor­row Among All Classes. The Clos­ing Hours of His Ca­reer — Death Comes Dur­ing Sleep — Pre­par­a­tions for the Last Rites — Eng­lish Press Com­ments on His Char­ac­ter.