BYD and Beutner terms

Draft doc­u­ments showed the terms of the deal between Deputy May­or Aus­tin Beut­ner and BYD of­fi­cials that res­ul­ted in the city us­ing fed­er­al fund­ing to ren­ov­ate a down­town car sales lot to serve as BYD’s North Amer­ic­an headquar­ters. Pro­ject pa­pers at the time dis­cussed a po­ten­tial 5,000 jobs. Ad­di­tion­al in­cent­ives from the city in­cluded buy­ing sol­ar park­ing, a city pur­chas­ing policy that would fa­vor loc­al com­pan­ies, con­nec­tions to those bid­ding on a $450 mil­lion city sol­ar pro­ject and oth­er city con­tracts, pro­mo­tion­al help and a “point per­son” in the may­or’s of­fice.