BYD lobbying script

When Metro bid staff re­com­men­ded giv­ing a 60-foot bus con­tract to BYD’s com­pet­it­or, based on scor­ing, BYD’s lob­by­ist ap­proached Metro dir­ect­ors and asked to be giv­en the con­tract any­way. In this script sent to dir­ect­or Ara Na­jari­an of Gl­end­ale, BYD lob­by­ist Ar­thur So­hiki­an laid out re­marks that would de­clare BYD the “bet­ter value.” So­hiki­an also sug­ges­ted how Metro dir­ect­ors might handle the con­tract de­bate. In the end, Na­jari­an did not read the script, but he did lead an at­tempt to give the con­tract to BYD on the best value ar­gu­ment. It failed. The doc­u­ment was ob­tained through pub­lic re­cords act re­quests.