California state budget, fiscal year 2011-12

The state’s budget short­fall for the rest of this fisc­al year and next, es­tim­ated to be $28 bil­lion, is the size of the total gen­er­al fund budget of 12 states com­bined: Delaware, Idaho, Maine, Montana, Neb­raska, Nevada, New Hamp­shire, North Dakota, Rhode Is­land, South Dakota, Ver­mont and West Vir­gin­ia.

Gov. Jerry Brown pro­posed a budget to ad­dress the state’s sig­ni­fic­ant fin­an­cial woes Jan. 10, 2010, the first step in what is likely to be a rancor­ous de­bate in Sac­ra­mento. Brown, who was sworn in­to of­fice the week be­fore, has warned Cali­for­ni­ans that pain­ful choices will have to be made.

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In­ter­act­ive: Try your hand at elim­in­at­ing the state’s $28 bil­lion de­fi­cit

May 16, 2011  By Evan Halper
State rev­en­ue has rock­eted far bey­ond pro­jec­tions, provid­ing a $6.6 bil­lion wind­fall that Gov. Jerry Brown wants to use to boost edu­ca­tion spend­ing and help re­pair Cali­for­nia’s battered fin­ances.
Jan. 11, 2011  By Garrett Therolf
Los Angeles County of­fi­cials as­sess­ment of Gov. Jerry Brown’s pro­posed state budget for fisc­al year 2011-12 finds $12.5 bil­lion in fund­ing re­duc­tions which would af­fect vari­ous county pro­grams.
Jan. 10, 2011  By Shane Goldmacher
Gov. Jerry Brown has pro­posed deep cuts to nearly all state pro­grams while bet­ting that Cali­for­ni­ans would agree to ex­tend a trio of re­cent tax hikes in a spir­it of shared sac­ri­fice. Un­der what the gov­ernor char­ac­ter­ized as an “hon­est” budget, tax­pay­ers would be asked to dig deep­er in­to their pock­ets — after the state’s wel­fare pro­gram is cut in half, $1 bil­lion is trimmed from its uni­versit­ies, and tens ...