Democrats call for action after Comey memo

In a let­ter to their Re­pub­lic­an col­leagues Jason Chaf­fetz (Utah), who chairs the Com­mit­tee on Over­sight and Gov­ern­ment Re­form, and Bob Good­latte (Va.), who chairs the Com­mit­tee on the Ju­di­ciary, Demo­crat­ic mem­bers of the Over­sight and Ju­di­ciary Com­mit­tee asked for ac­tion:

“We are con­cerned that the con­tin­ued fail­ure of House Re­pub­lic­ans to take ac­tion in the face of this on­slaught of al­leg­a­tions will cause sig­ni­fic­ant dam­age to the faith that the Amer­ic­an peOple have in the cred­ib­il­ity and in­teg­rity of our Com­mit­tees and the House of Rep­res­ent­at­ives. We have a sol­emn ob­lig­a­tion un­der the Con­sti­tu­tion to act as a check on the Ex­ec­ut­ive Branch and to hold Pres­id­ent Trump ac­count­able. It is time to do our job.”