Donald Sterling’s answer to NBA charges

Don­ald Ster­ling re­spon­ded form­ally to the NBA’s at­tempt to ter­min­ate his own­er­ship of the Clip­pers on Tues­day, say­ing it was il­leg­al to oust him based on a “lov­er’s quar­rel” that was “il­leg­ally re­cor­ded.”
Ster­ling’s re­sponse, ob­tained by The Times, in­cluded a cov­er let­ter that con­ten­ded he had re­ceived of­fers “in ex­cess of $2.5 bil­lion” to pur­chase the fran­chise he’s owned since 1981. The po­ten­tial buy­ers wer­en’t named.