Internal LAFD reports on proposed staffing change

Los Angeles of­fi­cials are press­ing for a ma­jor cost-cut­ting change at the Fire De­part­ment’s troubled 911 call hand­ling cen­ter des­pite a top com­mand­er’s warn­ing that mak­ing the move is too risky and would jeop­ard­ize pub­lic safety.

As­sist­ant Chief Daniel Mc­Carthy, the call cen­ter com­mand­er, warned in a June re­port to the chief that mak­ing the staff­ing changes be­fore im­proved com­puter equip­ment is in place “would be a tragedy for those we are sworn to pro­tect.”

Published: Dec. 10, 2012
Sources: Los Angeles Fire Department
Credits: Robert J. Lopez, Ben Welsh

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