Planned July closure of the 405 Freeway

In an omin­ous news re­lease titled “Count­down to the Clos­ure,” pub­lic safety of­fi­cials warned Fri­day of the planned 53-hour full clos­ure of a long seg­ment of the 405 free­way on the West­side in Ju­ly.

The north­bound 405 will be closed for 10 miles between the 10 and 101 Free­ways, and the south­bound 405 will be closed for four miles between the 101 Free­way and the Getty Cen­ter Drive ramps. The clos­ure is planned for the Ju­ly 16–17 week­end — be­gin­ning in some sec­tions on the even­ing of Ju­ly 15 and last­ing un­til the early morn­ing of Ju­ly 18 — and is tak­ing place be­cause of planned de­moli­tion work on the Mul­hol­land Bridge as part of a lar­ger free­way im­prove­ment pro­ject. Read more »

Published: May 27, 2011
Sources: California Department of Transportation
Credits: Megan Garvey, Ben Welsh

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