L.A. Sheriff’s deputy who lied about trying to photograph under woman’s skirt should be fired, judge rules

A Los Angeles County judge de­cided that a sher­iff’s deputy who lied to in­vest­ig­at­ors about wheth­er he tried to take a pho­to­graph from un­der a wo­man’s skirt should be fired for his be­ha­vi­or. “Hon­esty, cred­ib­il­ity and tem­pera­ment are cru­cial to the prop­er per­form­ance of an of­ficer’s du­ties, and dis­hon­esty is in­com­pat­ible with the pub­lic trust,” the judge con­cluded in say­ing that Deputy Steven Stroble should be dis­charged. Stroble is ap­peal­ing.

Sources: Los Angeles County Superior Court