L.A. Sheriff’s deputy who lied about whether he tried to photograph under woman’s skirt should keep his job, commission decided

The Los Angeles County Civil Ser­vice Com­mis­sion re­jec­ted an at­tempt by the Sher­iff’s De­part­ment to fire a deputy who ini­tially lied about wheth­er he had tried to take a pho­to­graph from un­der a wo­man’s skirt while on-duty at the Al­ham­bra Court­house. The com­mis­sion re­in­stated Deputy Steven Stroble, con­clud­ing that he did not ac­tu­ally take the photo, that he owned up to the lies and that oth­er em­ploy­ees have kept their jobs des­pite mak­ing false state­ments. A judge later over­turned the de­cision. Stroble is ap­peal­ing.

Sources: Los Angeles County Superior Court