New LAFD conflict of interest protocol

The Los Angeles Fire Com­mis­sion ad­op­ted new rules Tues­day to pre­vent con­flicts of in­terest and re­form a fire­fight­er hir­ing pro­cess a city re­port called “tain­ted” by con­cerns of nepot­ism.

Com­mis­sion­ers voted to pass policy changes that would re­quire LAFD of­fi­cials in­volved in the se­lec­tion pro­cess to no­ti­fy su­per­i­ors when they have a friend or fam­ily mem­ber in the ap­plic­ant pool. They would then be re­as­signed if their par­ti­cip­a­tion screen­ing can­did­ates or su­per­vising the pro­cess could be per­ceived as a con­flict of in­terest.

Sources: Los Angeles Fire Commission

Credits: Ben Welsh