The angry psychic

Psych­ics are so much a part of Sin­aloa car­tel op­er­a­tions that judges fre­quently al­low au­thor­it­ies to wiretap their con­ver­sa­tions with sus­pects. In this tran­script of a DEA-in­ter­cep­ted call, drug traf­fick­er Gab­ri­el Dieblas Ro­man wants his psych­ic, Guada­lupe “Lupita” Vil­lalobos, to help him with spir­itu­al ad­vice but says he can’t af­ford to pay her. He of­fers to show her the po­lice re­port of a re­cent bust. But the psych­ic (UF 390, for uniden­ti­fied fe­male) isn’t in­ter­ested in his hard-luck story. She just wants to be paid. (Warn­ing: The tran­script in­cludes Span­ish-lan­guage pro­fan­ity.)

Published: July 25, 2011

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