Torrance Police investigator dubs June Patti an “unreliable informant”

Nearly five years be­fore June Patti’s testi­mony helped con­vict a wo­man of murder, a Tor­rance po­lice nar­cot­ics in­vest­ig­at­or wrote that Patti had provided in­form­a­tion in a series of tips that “in my opin­ion has been ex­ag­ger­ated and to some ex­tent un­truth­ful.” The in­vest­ig­at­or said he be­lieved that Patti’s drug use had af­fected her memory and per­cep­tions, and that she was telling him “what she thought I wanted to hear and prob­ably ex­ag­ger­ated what she told me.”